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Lynn Maudlin
The Gleaning Song
by Lynn Maudlin, © Moonbird Music Co. 2002
All rights reserved


Mama, how shall we eat and how shall we live
Now we have returned to the place of your birth?
I'd rather not beg, and I won't be a whore
Is there some piece of land I could plant, I could work?


It's the harvest, you can glean
Our law provides a way for us


What does it mean, "glean" ?


When they go into the fields to harvest grain
They cannot work the corners [the corners?]
The corners feed widows and orphans
They cannot work over a row twice
Nor stoop to pick up what they've dropped
So you follow the young men,
In the field, in the harvest,
And you pick up the grain
And all that they've missed -
And the corners of the fields


It's the harvest, you can glean
Our law provides a way for us


Your men are so good, they provide for widows


Our law comes from God
Our law comes from God, not man
For God has pity on His people and provides for us -


So why did He take away my provision?


Mahlon -


And Chilion -


I will glean.



All rights reserved
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